Are you Looking to increase your Online Anonymity and Security? 

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I am quite sure everyone is interested in this. There are so many technologies out there capable of providing everyone of us with this security and anonymity. A VPN ensures this for you. With more people than ever working from home, demand for VPN services has been booming, and new providers keep jumping into the marketplace. That can make it tricky to sort through the options to find the best VPN service to meet your specific needs.

The aim of this post is to direct you on which VPN is best for you. After researching and testing a multitude of services, we’ve rounded up the best VPN options that will keep your information totally secure. We tested for several factors such as the Security, Price, Number of Server Locations, Ease of Remote Access, Bandwidth Caps, Logging, Dedication and Dynamic IP, client VPN software and Customer Support. 

The various services we tested include:

    • NordVPN
    • Express VPN
    • Surfsharck
    • IPVanish and
    • More…

We’re keeping an eye on how each VPN provider stacks up against its rivals, as well as any new VPN services that might emerge. Based on our research, we’ve compiled a list of our most recommended VPN services to date, as well as some less viable alternatives. 


Quick Tips on What to Consider When Picking a VPN


In the VPN industry, NordVPN is one of the most well-known brands. It has a large number of simultaneous connections, with six available on its network, compared to virtually all other providers’ five or fewer. NordVPN has a kill switch and the ability to connect to Tor via VPN. During our checks, we found no evidence of privacy breaches.

A two-year VPN subscription from the company costs $3.71 a month ($89 billed all at once). The monthly plan ($11.95 per month) is less expensive than most competitors, but the six-month plan ($9 per month or $64 total) is more expensive. It does, however, have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

NordVPN’s speeds were consistently high. There were no unexpected drops in performance or service interruptions, and the VPN performed admirably in areas where we expected it to fall short.